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Learning Data Science

This site is intended to connect nurse informaticists (as well as interested clinicians) to existing resources to learn:

  1. About Data Science
  2. Data Science Skills
  3. How to Become a Data Scientist

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Why Data Science?

Data science allows us to gather information & new insights from data sets of any size. The ability to conduct predictive analytics is particularly exciting, as it allows us to do things like:

  • Forecast high-cost patients
  • Predict readmissions
  • Anticipate decompensation (when a patient’s condition worsens)
  • Proactively identify adverse events
  • Optimize treatments for complex diseases
  • Examples & Use Cases

    Become a Data Scientist

    Ready to move beyond learning a few skills and interested in being able to call yourself a data scientist?

    This page shows some of the programs available to help you become a data scientist.

    Learn Specific Data Science Skills

    Interested in learning specific skills like database querying or machine learning analytics?

    This page connects you to free & paid resources to learn a skill that interests you.

    What is Data Science?

    Looking for introductory materials to get a better understanding of what data science is?

    This page provides readings & videos to give you an idea of the definitions & scope of data science.

    Created by Alvin D. Jeffery, PhD, RN